Still no tickets after 108 new complaints of public health order violations in N.W.T.

Public health officers handed out nine new warnings, mostly in the Sahtu region.

Total warnings to date have surpassed 100

Health authorities in the N.W.T. investigated more than 100 complaints of people violating public health orders last week, but issued only nine warnings. (Katie Toth/CBC)

Despite 640 complaints and more than 100 warnings, no tickets, fines, or court summons have yet been issued for breaking public health orders in the N.W.T.

That's according to the latest numbers on enforcement from the territorial government.

The numbers show more than 100 new complaints have been investigated in the past week alone. But only nine of those translated into warnings, and none into tickets or fines.

The numbers show 52 new complaints were investigated in the North Slave region, which contains Yellowknife. Outside of that region, the Beaufort Delta region led in new complaints, with 23.

But public health officers issued no new warnings in those regions. Most of the nine new warnings were issued in the Sahtu region, which has seen more than 80 per cent of the territory's written warnings to date.

Two new verbal warnings and three written ones were issued last week, bringing the Sahtu region's total to 14 warnings.

Four verbal warnings were also issued in the South Slave region, which saw 21 new complaints — the third most of the territory's five regions.

Travel-related calls to 811 increase

Statistics from the territorial government released Wednesday also show an increase in calls to the 811 information line related to travel.

Sixty people have made calls to the line on that topic, including 28 in the last week alone.

To date, only four complaints have been logged using the 811 information line.


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