Inuvik Elvis impersonator wows with cape, honours friend

Maria Storr wowed viewers on Facebook with her cape and spray-painted die job in the 2nd Annual Bill Moore Memorial Elvis Impersonation Contest.

Maria Storr is the Beaufort-Delta's new Queen impersonator of the King of Rock and Roll

Maria Storr, posing as Elvis, for the 2nd Annual Bill Moore Memorial Elvis Impersonation Contest. Storr won the People's Choice Award in this year's competition. Contestants competed by downloading videos of their best Elvis impersonation on Facebook. (Denise MacDonald)

Not everyone has what it takes to be king.

But Maria Storr knows a thing or two about Rock and Roll.

Her late friend Thomas Koe shared a birthday with Elvis Presley himself, and in her early 20s the pair would play Elvis records and watch his music videos on TV every year, listening to top hits like Jailhouse Rock, All Shook Up and Hound Dog

It's been a couple of decades since Storr watched Elvis on TV, but earlier this year she dusted off the old records and tapes to get into character for the 2nd Annual Billy Moore Elvis Impersonation Contest.

A fan favourite

The Elvis impersonation contest was hosted by the Inuvik Community Events Society in honour of late resident, Billy Moore, who passed away in November 2020. Moore was known for his friendliness, work ethic, kindness and his love for the King of Rock and Roll.

The memorial contest was started last January. The second annual event drew dozens of contestants from throughout the Beaufort Delta, with six winners in three different age categories. 

But there was only one fan favourite.

"I like to say it was the cape — I flew in with that cape," Storr told CBC's Northwind host Wanda McLeod.

2022 kicked off with the second annual Elvis Impersonation Contest in Inuvik. The contest started last year in honour of Billy Moore. Billy passed away last year. He was known for kindness and his love of Elvis. This year saw dozens of entries for the Elvis Impersonation Contest, but only one person won the People’s Choice. Maria Storr was crowned the King of Rock and Roll impersonator. She joined us on Northwind today.

Belting out one of the King's top hits, Hound Dog, in her viral video, Storr said she picked the song because it was one of Billy Moore's favourites.

The People's Choice winners last year were Alex Day and Raelle and Jolie Wolki.

Ready to defend her title

Storr is ready to defend her title next year.

"I'm going to bedazzle my cape," she said. 

Maria Storr won fan favourite in an Elvis impersonation contest held annually in memory of a well-known Inuvik resident, Billy Moore. Moore was Moore was known for his friendliness, work ethic, kindness and his love for the King of Rock and Roll. (Denise MacDonald)

Storr believes it wasn't just good singing that made her fan favourite. 

She sprayed her fair hair brown and slicked it back, her friend made her a cape, and she put on her bell bottoms to belt out the song.

"[My friend] started spraying this stuff in my hair and my hair was just brown … and then she started dabbing this stuff on the side of my face and I'm like, 'What are you putting on there,''' Storr said with a laugh.

The Elvis impersonator even threw in some fancy dancing, complete with Delta Twist Rubbers (shoes) and black mats on the floor to help her keep her balance and give her an extra little pizazz. 

"I couldn't do it on stage … Thank goodness it is a virtual program," Storr said.

Storr said she hopes to see even more people join next year.

"Bringing families together, and you know, having fun, laughing … I think it is so important in today's times. You know, you just need to see through the greyness."

You can watch watch all the video submissions on the contest's Facebook page.