Elections postponed again for Liard First Nation

The Liard First Nation elections have been postponed again. This is despite the fact that Chief and Council's term expired in December.

Chief returning officer, former MLA Lois Moorcroft, suddenly resigns

The term for chief and council of the Liard First Nation expired in December. The First Nation had initially pledged to hold elections on April 10th. (CBC)

The Liard First Nation elections have been postponed again.

That's despite the chief and council's term having expired back in December. 

​Elections were supposed to happen April 10. But the First Nation announced on Tuesday that chief electoral officer Lois Moorcroft has resigned.  

Moorcroft could not be reached for comment. 

Planning to run

A letter from the Liard First Nation Election Committee says 20 people had already put their names forward to run for chief and council.  

That included four people wanting to run for chief: Dorothy Hayes, George Morgan, Don Magun and current chief Daniel Morris. 

Nomination papers for deputy chief were submitted by Fred Lutz and Peter Stone. 

Nomination papers for the two B.C councillor positions were submitted by Betty Shepherd, Tanya Ball, Kenneth E. McMillan, Malcolm A. Groat and Harlan A.C. Shilling. 

Nomination papers for the four Yukon councillor seats were filed by Travis Stewart, Louis Roy Dick, Billy George, Sam Donnessey, Melissa Magun, Peter Charlier, Cathy Dickson, Dawn McDonald and Jim Wolftail. 

Victor Kisoun, who wanted to get his name on the ballot for council but was unable to get his papers in on time, said an election "has to happen."

"It's been a hi-jack of democracy for the Liard First Nation ever since December ... I think we're all hopeful we're going to see some resolution to this," he said.

Kisoun was also frustrated to learn that he had to submit his nomination papers in person — something that's difficult for him since he works at a mining exploration camp.

"That was a big curve ball for a few of us," he said.

​The First Nation's election committee says it will now have to start the nomination process over again.