Dorothy Stewart

Dorothy Stewart works with the CBC North Cree unit, based in Montreal. She is the host of the Cree-language morning radio show, Winschgaoug

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Drive-by birthdays organized by police and firefighters in northern Quebec village

The police and fire departments in the fly-in community of Whapmagoostui, Que., have started organizing birthday greetings with sirens and songs. Four-year-old Sammy Salt was pleased.

Cree youth turn to social media to promote COVID-19 safety awareness

The Cree Nation Youth Council launched a series of daily #StayAtHome challenges in late March that include goose calling, hand washing, fiddle dancing among others.

4 cases of COVID-19 among Cree reported in territory and Montreal

There are now four cases of COVID-19 among Cree in Quebec — three in communities in northern Quebec and one case involving a Cree patient in Montreal. 

Cree police called in to action as Waswanipi tightens community access

"Our police officers now have the authority to take action against people who are not abiding by the measures or the directions from the leadership," said Cree Grand Chief Abel Bosum. 

Several Cree Nation mining conference delegates in self-quarantine

Some events have been cancelled in Quebec Cree communities as a result of COVID-19 and 25 people from four different Cree communities have been asked to self-quarantine after attending a Toronto mining conference where at least one person has since tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. 

'Something magical': Eastmain leads Cree territory in graduation rates 3 years running

The Cree School Board in northern Quebec is setting ambitious graduation rate targets that are higher than those in Quebec public schools, and turning to one of its own schools for inspiration. 

'A chance to live': Single mom of 5 shares profound impact of organ donation

Colleen Atsynia credits an organ donor with giving her back her life after she was forced to leave her family, job and community in 2015 to receive dialysis treatment in Montreal.

Quebec Cree launch $1M internship fund to bring graduates home

Quebec Cree launch a $1 million internship fund as part of capacity building work to help youth develop to their full potential and benefit from an estimated 10,000 jobs available in public and private sector in Eeyou Istchee.

Cree trappers working to save endangered bats in northern Quebec

Tallymen, or Cree land stewards, are collaborating with a non-profit in northern Quebec to identify and enhance habitat for two endangered bat species at the northern end of their range in the province. The project is also in collaboration with the Cree-run Nibiischii Wildlife Reserve.