'It happened to be a diamond ring,' says Yellowknife boy of unusual find

A Yellowknife boy found a diamond ring in a jacket at a local clothing store, now he's hoping the rightful owner will claim it.

Mother and son hope rightful owner can be found

Gavin and Crystal Craig are hoping the ring he found in a jacket at Mark's clothing store will find its rightful owner. (Walter Strong/CBC)

Gavin Craig, a Grade 6 student in Yellowknife, found the jacket he liked while out shopping with his mother at Mark's clothing store earlier this week.

When he reached into its pockets to check out the fit, he made an unexpected find.

"I just felt something weird and when I pulled it out it happened to be a diamond ring," 11-year-old Gavin said. "I didn't know what to think."

Gavin's first reaction was to tell his mother, Crystal Craig, that he wanted to find the ring's owner.

Gavin Craig discovered the ring while trying on a jacket at the local Mark's store in Yellowknife. (Submitted by Crystal Craig)

"I was shocked at first, but then I was proud of him," Crystal said. "Not all kids would have been honest that they found something like that in their pocket."

They left the ring at the store and said they'd put a photo of it on social media.

"It was important to Gavin that whoever lost the ring is able to find the ring, because it looks like somebody's wedding band," Crystal said.

The local Mark's retail outlet has since passed the ring on to Yellowknife RCMP for safe-keeping.

If the rightful owner does claim the ring, Gavin and Crystal hope someone will drop them a line to let them know.

"We just want to hear a happy story that someone has found the ring," Crystal said.


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