Devolution, superboard hearings held in Yellowknife

Aboriginal groups and industry get a chance today to tell the federal government what they think about Bill C-15, the proposed law that will launch devolution in the Northwest Territories, and create a single regulatory superboard.

'Our voice is being silenced' says Tlicho chief of proposed changes

Aboriginal groups and industry are in Yellowknife today to tell the federal government what they think about N.W.T. devolution and a single regulatory superboard.

The parliamentary committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development is in Yellowknife to hold hearings on Bill C-15, the N.W.T. Devolution Act.

It allows federal powers over land and water to be transferred to the territory. It will also eliminate the four regional land and water boards and create one superboard.

About 100 people are at the meeting, filling the conference room at the Explorer Hotel. 

This morning, Tlicho Chief Eddie Erasmus told the committee he has profound problems with the proposed superboard and the elimination of the Wek'eezhii Land and Water Board.

"Our voice is being silenced," he said.

He said they are going to stand up to the proposed law and challenge it if need be. 

About 30 people are scheduled to present to the committee but each has only 10 minutes to speak.

Presentations started at 8:30 a.m.and are scheduled to run until 6 p.m.