North-Wright Air cancels Deline flights, cites substandard runway conditions

The airline's operations manager expects repairs to the gravel runway will take at least two days.

The company expects the runway to be repaired within 2 days

North-Wright Airway's scheduled Deline flights have been cancelled until improvements are made to the community's runway. (Jason van Bruggen/North-Wright Airways)

North-Wright Air's scheduled flights into Deline, N.W.T., have been cancelled until further notice.

Kyle Newhook, the airline's operations manager, said the runway isn't safe to land on.

"We've received multiple reports from crew members that the runway in Deline is in extremely poor condition," he said.

Newhook expects repairs to the gravel runway will take at least two days, which he described as "uneven."

"For an aircraft you want the most level runway conditions possible for landing, but it's not currently in that state," he said, adding he understands additional crew are on their way to address the issue.

"We're just waiting for the completion of that." 

A representative with the N.W.T. Department of Infrastructure told CBC in an email that it became aware some sections of the runway surface were uneven after recent maintenance work was completed.

"As a result, a notice to airmen (NOTAM) has been issued indicating the runway is open only for medevac flights," he stated in the email.

No timeline for repairs was given, other than to say "as soon as possible."

North-Wright has two scheduled Deline flights daily: one in, and one out.


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