Dawson City, Yukon, photographer turns lens on abandoned motels

Dawson City, Yukon photographer Chris Healey has amassed a collection of ruins - in photographs. He's travelled the country, taking pictures of abandoned roadside motels along the way. 'All kinds of stories come to mind.'

Chris Healey finds beauty in 'weird, creepy' roadside ruins

Chris Healey traces his fascination with decrepit roadside motels to childhood, and the family road trips that had him gazing at the passing landscape, for hours at a time.

"I'd notice all the buildings, and ones that weren't upkept, I'd be 'oh, I wish I lived there. I could take care of that place'," he said.

The Dawson City, Yukon photographer never found his ideal revival project, but has instead decided to compile a record of some of the more striking roadside ruins he's seen. 

"You're driving through this beautiful scenery and then all of a sudden, someone's idea of running a motel would pop up, that didn't work out," Healey said. "Why is this here? Who stayed here?"

"You get this weird, creepy sense, because there's no footprints in the snow, or the grass and weeds are wild everywhere, and there's no curtains on the window. So there's just some little bit of odd, subconscious hints that we're getting that something's just not quite right."