Dawson City's fire chief is back, 3 weeks after his dismissal

Jim Regimbal is back on the job, heading up Dawson City's fire department. It's not clear why the town fired him 3 weeks ago, or why they reversed the decision.

Town offers no explanation for Chief Jim Regimbal's firing last month

Fire Chief Jim Regimbal was dismissed last month, and re-instated Tuesday. (Submitted by Jim Regimbal )

Dawson City's long-time fire chief has been re-instated, just weeks after the town dumped him.

Neither Chief Jim Regimbal nor the town council ever explained the reason for Regimbal's firing, or circumstances.

Some Dawsonites rallied on Friday, to show their support for Regimbal. (Jamie Tweedle)

Councillors decided on Tuesday to reinstate the chief "with conditions," according to mayor Wayne Potoroka.

Potoroka did not say what the conditions were, or anything else about the matter.

On Friday, a few dozen people rallied in Dawson with signs expressing support for Regimbal, and demanding his re-instatement.

Regimbal has not returned calls to CBC.