Wily bear in Dawson City avoids capture

Conservation officers say a black bear has been acting bold around homes in the north part of town, making residents uneasy. 'This is one we'd like to move out.'

Conservation officers have been trying to trap a bear that's been making residents uneasy

Bears don't typically wander into Dawson's downtown, said conservation officer Kirby Meister. 'We'll keep trying to move it out of there,' he said.

They first laid out the traps last week, but the bear had apparently moved on.

It didn't go far.

"The bear is back in the neighbourhood again," said conservation officer Kirby Meister. "This is one we'd like to move out."

The bear has been spotted numerous times near people's homes in Dawson City. Meister said the black bear has been lurking close to homes, getting into garbage and compost bins, and just being "fairly bold." 

"People occasionally run into it in the evenings, and when that happens, the bear doesn't act aggressively toward people but it doesn't show any fear of people, either. So we're a bit concerned.

"[Residents] are worried they're going to keep bumping into it, at very close range."

​Traps have been laid — again — and Meister said officers will keep trying to move the bear. 

"Usually, a bear downtown we're able to catch it, and move it pretty quickly, within a day or two. Or else they leave on their own within a day or two.

"But this one's a bit unusual in that sense, in that it's just sticking around and it's so far smarter than us."

With files from Vic Istchenko