David Wasylciw

Founder, OpenNWT

David Wasylciw is a small business owner and an advocate for more open and accountable government. In 2014, he founded OpenNWT, a non-profit that develops tools to make government information accessible to the public.

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What does it cost to win an election in the N.W.T.?

Last week, Elections NWT released campaign finance reports for 2019. Analyst David Wasylciw dug into the numbers, dating back to 2007, to find out who funded whose campaign, and how much they spent.

MLA attendance: Who gets the highest grade in the 18th Assembly?

The 18th Legislative Assembly held over 900 standing committee meetings in four years. David Wasylciw looks into which MLAs made it to the most, which made it to the least, and why.

What can the 18th Assembly's votes on motions tell us about strategy?

David Wasylciw dives into the recorded votes on motions during the N.W.T.'s 18th Legislative Assembly, explaining what goes into a vote, and what the total number could tell us about how the assembly operated.

18th Assembly voting records on bills show patterns of approval, and dissent

Open NWT founder David Wasylciw takes a look into how the 18th Assembly introduced and passed legislation: which MLAs were reliable votes to approve bills, and which were the most regular dissenters.

The 18th Assembly did a lot, but did it differently, numbers show

A lot of discussion about the previous N.W.T. Legislative Assembly centered around how they spent plenty of time discussing how to govern, but less time passing laws. David Wasylciw uses data to show that sentiment may not be far off.

N.W.T. needs to improve protection of health data — before another breach

David Wasylciw says departments and outside organizations must notify those affected after privacy breaches and begin a review to prevent future breaches.