Daniel Masuzumi elected chief of Fort Good Hope

With 166 votes, Daniel Masuzumi beat incumbent Wilfred McNeely Jr., who got 88 votes in Monday's election, according to a Facebook post by the electoral officer.

Masuzumi unseats incumbent Wilfred McNeely Jr.

Daniel Masuzumi was elected chief of Fort Good Hope in Monday's election. (Alex Brockman/CBC)

Daniel Masuzumi is the new chief of Fort Good Hope, N.W.T.

Electoral officer Audrey Edgi posted a photo of handwritten results to her Facebook page. "FYI the cops were there to witness the count," she wrote. 

According to her post,​​​​​​ Masuzumi received 166 votes in Monday's election, unseating incumbent Wilfred McNeely Jr., who got 88 votes. 

As chief, Masuzumi also takes on the role of mayor of the community of 500 people, according to Fort Good Hope's charter.

Edgi's post also lists the nine councillors were elected on Monday:

  • Joseph Tobac, with 176 votes;

  • Arthur Tobac, with 159 votes;

  • Stella Rabisca, with 139 votes;

  • Jacinta Grandjambe, with 130 votes;

  • George Barnaby, with 127 votes;

  • Charles McNeely, with 125 votes;

  • Rose McNeely, with 125 votes; 

  • Rodger Boniface, with 118 votes;

  • and Dwayne Barnaby, with 116 votes.

A total of 15 people ran for council.

Niether Masuzumi nor Edgi could immediately be reached for comment.