Daffodil fundraiser to help Yukoners travelling for cancer treatment

After a two-year hiatus, the daffodil campaign is returning to the Yukon and it's raising money for a facility used by cancer patients needing to travel out of territory for treatment.

Money will go to the Jean C. Barber Lodge, which houses cancer patients receiving treatment in Vancouver

The Jean C. Barber Lodge is located half a block from the cancer treatment centre in Vancouver. (Submitted by Hank Karr)

After a two-year hiatus, the Yukon daffodil campaign is back and it's raising money for a facility used by cancer patients travelling out of territory for treatment. 

Money raised in the Yukon during this month's Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser will go to support the Jean C. Barber Lodge in Vancouver, located within a block of the cancer treatment centre.

'They try to make it like home,' says Kari Johnston, a Cancer Society volunteer, about the Jean C. Barber Lodge in Vancouver. (Submitted by Hank Karr)

Kari Johnston, a Cancer Society volunteer, said 67 Yukoners stayed at the lodge in 2015. 

Hank Karr, a mainstay on the Yukon music scene and a cancer patient, was one of them. He stayed at the lodge on more than one occasion, for up to two weeks at a time. 

"That was such a blessing," he said about being able to stay in a comfortable, convenient location while receiving chemo and radiation treatment.  

During one of Karr's multi-day stays at the lodge, he ran into another Yukon musician. Together, they played tunes in lobby that night. 

Karr said it felt good to play music for other patients going through the same heavy treatments as him. 

"That puts a smile on their faces and made us feel good too." 

Flowers for $5

Johnston is looking for volunteers at each workplace who can take orders for the $5 bunches of flowers, which will be delivered on Mar. 24. 

She said this campaign is a big fundraiser for local cancer patients. "We can raise a lot of money and we can pay for a lot of bed stays at that Jean C. Barber Lodge if we all just donate a little bit." 

The daffodil campaign is happening earlier this year than the last time it was held in the Yukon because daffodils are blooming earlier in B.C., where they are grown.

Johnston said the daffodils will be shipped to every Yukon community. They can be ordered by emailing or by calling Johnston at (867) 335-0440.


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