N.W.T. expands COVID-19 vaccine access to 50+, immunocompromised

The N.W.T. health authority will now offer fourth COVID vaccine doses to people 50 years and older, as well as those who are immunocompromised and over the age of 12.

The expanded access comes into effect on Friday

The N.W.T. government is expanding access for fourth doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

At the recommendation of the chief public health officer, second COVID-19 boosters will now be available to residents 50 years of age and older, as well as immunocompromised individuals aged 12 and up. Previously, the boosters were only available to those 60 plus.

The chief public health officer recommends anyone who meets these requirements get their next dose as soon as they are eligible. 

The expanded access will be effective starting May 20.

A second booster dose, or fourth vaccine dose, is recommended at least six months after your third dose. 

"All residents are reminded that COVID vaccination is still recommended, even if they experience a COVID infection," the health authority said in a news release.

Anyone who has been infected with COVID-19 before their first or second dose can get their recommended dose eight weeks after symptoms started or after testing positive, whether they had symptoms or not. 

If you have had a COVID-19 infection after your second dose, you can take a booster dose three months after your symptoms started or after testing positive, whether you were symptomatic or not. 

You must also be six months past the date you had your second dose. 

In Yellowknife, there are clinics at the Centre Square Mall, which is open for adult and youth vaccinations. You can book an appointment online here.

For all other communities, residents can get a COVID-19 vaccine by contacting their health centre or public health to make an appointment.

Find details here on who the health authority considers immunocompromised.