Costumes, Beyblades, LARPing: Ptarmicon returns to Yellowknife

Ptarmicon 2022 was held at the Ed Jeske Arena in Yellowknife over the long weekend.

The convention was held at the Ed Jeske Arena in Yellowknife over the long weekend

J.R. Berube cosplaying as Darth Maul from Star Wars. His makeup was done by Teresa Nuthall. (Rose Danen/CBC)

Ptarmicon, known as the most northern gaming and pop culture event, was held at the Ed Jeske Arena over the long weekend. 

It served as a chance for people to show off their costumes, play games and visit different vendors. 

Check out some of the photos from Saturday:

Jaxon Melanson, nine, and Jude Peterson, 11, competing in a Beyblade battle. The Beyblade tournament held at Ptarmicon this weekend marks the first ever in the Northwest Territories. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Averai Slugget, 12, cosplaying as Shinobou from anime TV show Demon Slayer. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Nathan Tremblett, 10, left, and his younger brother Kristofer Tremblett, six, pose together in their Mandelorian and Darth Vader costumes. They are huge fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Trevin Yakeleya, 17, left, and Jayden Sayine, 15, dueling it out in the video game tent. (Rose Danen/CBC)
A yoga break led by yoga teacher-in-training Elaine Welsh, front. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Elaine Landry surrounded by her anime-inspired stickers, charms, and buttons. She travelled all the way from Fort Providence for Ptarmicon. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Michelle Tremblay, owner of Halu Creations, shows off her self-described "whimsical and spooky" artwork. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Andre Phillips, a member of Yellowknife LARP (Live Action Role Playing), ready to greet convention goers interested in LARPing. (Rose Danen/CBC)
Paula Sullivan poses joyfully, showing off her steampunk airship pirate costume. (Rose Danen/CBC)


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