Colossal role: Yellowknifer plays X-Man opposite Ryan Reynolds

Yellowknife's Andre Tricoteux has played varsity volleyball, been a professional wrestler, and worked in a diamond mine. Now, he's playing a super hero on the silver screen, acting as Colossus in the upcoming Marvel film 'Deadpool.'

Former professional wrestler Andre Tricoteux lands big role in upcoming film 'Deadpool'

Yellowknifer Andre Tricoteux (with the assistance of CGI) will play Colossus, one of the X-Men, in the upcoming Marvel film 'Deadpool,' which stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role. (20th Century Fox/YouTube)
For Yellowknife's Andre Tricoteux — who stands 6 foot 10 and a half — you can make the argument that every break is a "big" break.
Tricoteux, who grew up in Yellowknife, worked as a professional wrestler and in a diamond mine before deciding to move to Vancouver and 'throw [his] hat in the ring.' (Submitted by Andre Tricoteux)

However, the Vancouver-based professional wrestler-turned-actor just scored his biggest one yet.

Tricoteux, who grew up in Yellowknife, has been tapped to play the superhero Colossus in the upcoming Marvel film Deadpool, based on the popular comic book series and starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role. The film is scheduled for release in February of 2016.

The road from Sir John Franklin High School to silver screen superhero was a circuitous one for Tricoteux. His height and athletic ability made him well-suited for the game of volleyball, and after high school he played at the University of Calgary. After school, he entered the professional wrestling ring, competing across the country under a number of aliases, including "Cyborg."

After ending his professional wrestling career, Tricoteux returned to Yellowknife and took a job in a local diamond mine before moving to Vancouver, where he "decided to throw [his] hat into the ring.

"I'd always though about getting into film and television acting," he said. "The wrestling helped me transition into doing a lot of stunt work... and that transitioned into me doing a lot of acting."

While Tricoteux has had roles in a number of smaller productions and television shows, including Once Upon a Time and Arctic Air, he says Deadpool is his "biggest project, in terms of feature films."

'I actually enjoy it'

In Deadpool, Tricoteux plays the role of Colossus, a member of the popular superhero team the X-Men. The character is one of the X-Men's strongest members and possesses the power to take a metallic form. 

As for what role Colossus will play in the film, Tricoteux "[couldn't] divulge much," but the film's trailer shows the character in a roadside fight with Reynolds' title character.

To play the role, Tricoteux did a number of scenes in a motion capture suit opposite Reynolds, an experience he says could be "challenging at times."

An on-location photo in Vancouver shows Tricoteux acting opposite Reynolds' character Deadpool in a motion capture suit: 'It can be challenging at times, because it's really physically based acting. But I don't mind it, and I actually enjoy it.' (Nigel Horsely)

"It's really physically-based acting," he said. "There's a lot of technical issues in terms of capturing those performances that can be challenging. But I don't mind it, and I actually enjoy it."

As for working alongside Reynolds, Tricoteux said the experience was "great."

"Besides being a really good dude, he's just a phenomenal talent," said Tricoteux. "This was a really challenging role for him. He's just a super talented guy. He's very talented, very smart, and very good with his fellow actors."

Advice for younger actors: 'Do your thing'

As for what advice Tricoteux, who also has a role in the upcoming big-budget adaptation of the video game Warcraft, would give to younger Northern actors, his message was a simple one.

"Do your thing," he said. "Act, perform, do your short films, do your little movies in your backyard. Write stories. All of that stuff will help you get into this business. You can do a cool little short movie in your backyard, put it on YouTube, get 10 million hits and it goes viral. Somebody's going to be calling you and asking you if you want to do something else.

"It's really a great time to be in film," he said. "I think, as a young person, just create. Do your thing. Create."

Tricoteux shares a laugh on set with his 'Deadpool' castmates. The film is scheduled for release in February 2016. (Nigel Horsely)


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