Christopher Herodier

Christopher Herodier works at CBC North's Cree unit in Montreal. He is the host of the Cree language program Eyou Dipajimoon.

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'Like losing a loved one': Quebec dam renaming painful for some Cree

This week, Hydro-Québec officials and Quebec premier François Legault announced the renaming of a dam and generating station in honour of former Quebec premier Bernard Landry. Some Cree leaders support the re-dedication, but for others, it is a painful reminder of all that development has cost.

'I'm angry': Cree man can't use trapline, blames debris prospectors left behind

An abandoned prospecting camp on John Rupert's trapline near Whapmagoostui includes some 300 barrels, 100 old propane tanks, heavy machinery and 14 decaying cabins. Efforts are underway to clean up abandoned mineral exploration sites across Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory.

Quebec Cree community to get regional hospital

The new hospital will provide close to 20,000 Cree in nine communities specialized services such as surgery, cancer treatment, CT scans, gynecology and obstetrics.

New space gives Cree students a place for traditional learning in Waswanipi

The Cree community of Waswanipi inaugurated a cultural camp for high school students to learn Cree culture in a culturally appropriate space.

Quebec Cree pass language act as its 1st-ever legislation

Quebec Cree are celebrating the passing of their government's first law — Bill 1, or the Cree Language Act of Eeyou Istchee.

'Gentle and kind': Cree pay tribute to diver missing in Mexico

Some Cree are paying tribute to a young diver who went missing off the coast of Mexico. Cameron Donaldson was scuba diving with his mother near Cozumel on March 16 when he didn't return from a dive as expected. 

Midnight Shine highlights Cree language in video cover of Neil Young classic

Northern Ontario Cree band Midnight Shine has just released its latest video, adding a personal touch to Neil Young’s Heart of Gold by singing a verse in Mushkegowuk Cree.

Low graduation rate a focus for new Cree School Board chairperson

Sarah Pash, from the community of Chisasibi, says she's committed to improving the Cree School Board's graduation rate through academic, emotional and social support.

Cree Grand Chief Abel Bosum named to Order of Canada

The grand chief of the Cree Nation, Abel Bosum, was named to the Order of Canada at a ceremony on Thursday in Ottawa.

'It looked easy for him:' Air Creebec pilot safely lands plane in trouble

The medical charter, which was carrying five patients and a nurse, landed with one operational engine in Val-d'Or, Que.

Cree Nation takes steps to get graduates to come back home

The Cree Nation is taking steps to make it easier to get graduates into jobs within Cree communities.

Connecting Indigenous Games through canoe heritage

“Maawandoon” is a traditional Ojibway term meaning “bringing us together.” “Jiimaan” is the word for “canoe.” Together they form the name and the mission of a unique Ontario-based collective called the Maawandoon Jiimaan Collective, which shares the art of birch bark canoe building to reconnect Indigenous people to the land through their canoe heritage.

Fort George, Que., musician turns 90, recalls playing country tunes for elders

Back in the 1960s, Simon Scipio was one of the first troubadours in his home community of Fort George, Que. He celebrated his 90th birthday on June 1.

Rite of passage: Chisasibi family invited to take part in First Snowshoe Walk

The First Snowshoe Walk is a rite of passage for Cree people. But this year, Chisasibi's school opened up the event to a family of non-Cree residents who have made the community their home for 14 years.

Cree reiterate call to end sport hunt of declining caribou herd

Tensions between the Cree Nation and the Quebec government are mounting as the government continues to permit sport hunting of a rapidly declining caribou herd in Northern Quebec.