Chilkoot Trail reopens with restrictions following bear scare

A section of the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site is still under restrictions after a black bear got into a cabin this past week and ate some food.

Canadian side of trail closed last week after black bear got into Parks Canada cooking shelter

The area of the Chilkoot Trail between Happy Camp and Bennett Lake are under restrictions. Hikers have to travel in groups of at least four adults; they must carry bear spray while in the restricted area; and they are not allowed to bring their dogs. (Parks Canada)

A section of the Chilkoot Trail, which runs from Skagway, Alaska, to Bennett Lake, B.C., is still under restrictions following a bear threat this past week.

On Monday, Parks Canada closed the Canadian side of the trail after a black bear got inside an unoccupied Parks Canada cooking shelter near Lindeman Camp and had access to a "significant quantity of human processed food."

Parks Canada officials believe they killed the bear that raided the shelter, but decided to close part of the trail for the week to allow the animal's scent to dissipate. 

Now, officials say a black bear is still in the area. They've decided to open most of the trail back up, while putting restrictions on hikers who tour a certain section.

The Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site runs 53 kilometres from the trailhead in Alaska, to Bennett Lake in B.C. 

Deep Lake, Lindeman and Bare Loon campgrounds remain closed along the trail, while the area between Happy Camp and Bennett Lake is under restrictions.

Parks Canada restrictions:

  • Hikers must travel in group of at least four adults
  • Hikers must carry bear spray within the restricted area
  • Dogs are not allowed within the restricted area

Hikers who violate these restrictions could be charged under the Canada National Parks Act.  

Officials from Parks Canada said workers are on site monitoring bear activity and confirmed someone will be near the restricted area at all times.

These rules are in place until further notice.