After 2 bear threats, all campgrounds reopen on Chilkoot Trail

After nearly two weeks, all the campgrounds along the Chilkoot Trail are open. Some areas still have restrictions due to potential bears in the area.

Restrictions remain for area between Happy Camp and Bennett Lake

After nearly two weeks of disruptions, all the campgrounds along the Chilkoot Trail are open again. 

Parks Canada first closed a section of the Canadian side of the trail almost two weeks ago, after officials killed a black bear because it broke through the window of an unoccupied Parks Canada cooking shelter and had access to a lot of food. 

Officials kept the area closed in order to ensure the animal's scent dissipated and didn't attract more bears.

But that didn't seem to do the trick.  

A week later, Parks Canada reopened most of the trail, with the exception of Deep Lake, Lindeman and Bare Loon campgrounds because of another bear in the area. Restrictions were also issued for groups touring in the area between Happy Camp and Bennett Lake.

Officials finally killed the second bear on Tuesday, believing it "had approached the (Parks Canada) camp on numerous occasions."

As a precaution, the area between Happy Camp and Bennett Lake remains under the same restrictions: 

  • People must hike in groups of four or more adults
  • Hikers must travel with bear spray at all times
  • Dogs are not allowed

The Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site runs 53 kilometres from the trailhead near Skagway, Alaska to Bennett Lake in B.C.

No word on when the remaining restrictions will be lifted.