Aggressive fox attacks dog in Chesterfield Inlet, prompting rabies warning from Nunavut health officials

Dog is in quarantine after the latest of several encounters between aggressive foxes — some rabid — and dogs in Nunavut.

Dog is in quarantine, say health officials, after latest fox encounter in Nunavut

Chesterfield Inlet lies on the western shores of Hudson Bay. (CBC)

An aggressive fox in Chesterfield Inlet has attacked a dog, Nunavut health officials say.

The dog was vaccinated against rabies and is in quarantine, but the health department is asking all residents to keep an eye out for foxes. Residents should visit the health centre immediately if they have been scratched by a fox or a dog.

The fox was killed and is being tested for rabies.

This is the latest of several incidents across Nunavut in recent months where aggressive foxes, some rabid, have come into contact with dogs or community members.

Last week, Nunavut health officials issued a public health advisory for Coral Harbour when two dogs were killed after being attacked by an aggressive fox.

Earlier this month, a dog in Iqaluit tested positive for rabies and rabid foxes were found in the area. A fox in Arctic Bay also tested positive for rabies recently after coming into contact with a sled dog team.