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Celina Wapachee is a reporter and host of CBC Radio's Cree-language program Maamuitaau.

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Cree translator in House of Commons 'proud' to be part of history

Priscilla Bosum was asked to simultaneously translate from Eastern Cree into English in the House of Commons for New Democratic MP Romeo Saganash.

After a battle for custody, Cree woman finally brings back her daughters from Egypt

A Cree woman from Mistissini, Que., arrived at Montreal airport Monday with her two Cree-Egyptian daughters, after a year-long battle for custody.

'A big step forward': Cree women's shelter opens in Waswanipi

The shelter gives Quebec Cree women and children a culturally safe place to go if they are experiencing abuse.

'Reconciliation in action': Quebec Cree leaders sign governance, funding agreement with Ottawa

Quebec Cree leaders from the James Bay region signed an agreement on governance with the federal government Tuesday, giving them more power over parts of their territory, the power to tax and stable funding into 2040.

Could Cree Nation's Kayleigh Spencer be the next Miss Indian World?

In her job as a substitute teacher, Kayleigh Spencer spends her time trying to get young people to see their potential. But this week, she's encouraging her own, as she competes in the Miss Indian World pageant in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Elders pass on Cree culture at Rites of Passage week in Chisasibi, Que.

This week the James Bay community of Chisasibi, Que., held a Rites of Passage cultural week, where elders passed on teachings to the youth.

Work continues on building a Cree Education Act in Quebec

Education officials in the James Bay region of Quebec are working on the first-ever Cree Education Act, a document they hope will one day transform the way Cree children are taught and how their success is measured.

James Bay students learn Cree syllabics in virtual reality

Cree kids in three James Bay communities are using the latest 3D gaming technology to learn their ancestors' language in school.

Bella Moses Petawabano re-elected as Cree health board chair

Bella Moses Petawabano has been re-elected chairperson of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services for another four-year term.

Concerns move Indigenous ceremony meant to contact 'spirit realm' outside Quebec community

Some residents in Nemaska, Québec are concerned about bringing the shaking tent ceremony, a way of communicating with the spirit realm, into the community during a cultural gathering this week.

'No One Fights Alone': Mistissini pair complete 960 km cancer walk, with help

Brendan Coon Come, 25, and his childhood friend Paul John Trapper, 25, left Mistissini on a walk-a-thon Aug. 16.

Cree hunters upset by non-Native squatters at bush camps

Allan Saganash says his camping grounds, along with his son's camp, near the community of Miquelon, about 730 kilometres north of Montreal, have been invaded by non-Native people.

2 girls missing from Mistissini, Que., after family gathering at beach

Cousins Talitha Shecapio Saganash, 12, and Sarah Shecapio, 9, were last seen Sunday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. at Mistissini's beach.

'I cried tears of happiness': Cree student bakes for prime minister's family

Baking student Erica Gilpin was invited by Algonquin College to bake for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s family at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa this week. 'I kept thinking, is this real? Is this real that I am here?' she said.

Quebec Cree youth head to Attawapiskat to deliver letters of hope after suicide spiral

More than 30 young people from the Quebec Cree communities of James Bay are on an AirCreebec flight today to deliver letters of hope and cards of encouragement to the people of Attawapiskat in northern Ontario.