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Infection control oversight lacking at Ontario seniors' homes as inspections dwindled

Oversight of infection control measures — key to keeping long-term care homes free of illness — plummeted when Ontario scaled back comprehensive annual inspections last year, a CBC News investigation has found.

Plastic surgeon vows to fight potential class-action lawsuit alleging he filmed patients without consent

A Toronto plastic surgeon says a class-action lawsuit alleging he breached the privacy rights of patients by recording them without their consent using surveillance cameras inside his clinic is without merit and he will fight it vigorously if it is certified.
School Violence

'They're not taking it seriously': Under-reporting of student violence persists

Despite an Ontario law enacted eight years ago that makes it mandatory for school boards to report violent incidents to the education ministry, CBC found many assaults are not being recorded.

Toronto plastic surgeon told to remove security cameras from consult rooms

The regulatory body for doctors in Ontario has made a formal allegation of professional misconduct against a Toronto plastic surgeon who had security cameras in his consult rooms. The rooms are where patients are regularly asked to remove their clothing during pre- and post-operative appointments.

Uber Eats announces insurance for bike couriers in Ontario

Bike couriers for Uber Eats in Ontario will now be covered by two types of accident and health insurance, according to documents obtained by the CBC.

'It's creepy': Security cameras spotted in plastic surgeon's consult room

A Toronto plastic surgeon who may be filming patients in states of undress without their consent is being investigated by both the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the province's privacy commissioner following a Marketplace investigation.

Ontario workplace safety board reviewing Uber Eats following Marketplace investigation

On any given day in downtown Toronto, you'll see a flurry of bike couriers pedalling their way through traffic, bags strapped to their backs, on their way to deliver your next meal. But if those couriers get hurt on the job, a Marketplace investigation has found their eligibility for work-related compensation depends on which app they deliver for.

Foxy thieves strike Whitehorse

A group of foxes in Whitehorse has been gathering boots, gloves and other types of clothing in the neighbourhood of Copper Ridge.

Does expired bear spray work? Don't count on it, says Yukoner after scary encounter

Yukoner Amy O'Rourke found herself in a situation no outdoor enthusiast wants to find themselves in — standing about 2 metres from an aggressive black bear, in the middle of the backcountry.

Primary students in Whitehorse learn healthy eating habits

Chopping vegetables might be a mundane task for the average adult, but for the students at Grey Mountain Primary School, it’s a chance to experience the fun in doing things for themselves.

This Yukoner is joining a fleet of people en route to Gaza

Ron Rousseau of Carcross is hopping on a boat to Gaza with other activists and Canadians to raise awareness of Palestinians' plight over the next few months.

Fasting with 18 hours of sunlight: Ramadan begins in the land of the midnight sun

In the North, fasting from dawn until sundown can be difficult at this time of year.