Bunny mug found after Rockhill apartment fire gets reunited with its owner

A Yellowknife woman has found the owner of a bunny mug which survived the fire at the YWCA Rockhill apartment complex earlier this week.

'It’s a good feeling to have a little bit of that piece of goodness come out of this as well,' says owner

Jaylin Hamilton and Robyn Barnet take a selfie together after Barnet reunited Hamilton with her bunny mug that survived the Rockhill Apartment fire in Yellowknife. (Emily Blake/CBC News)

A bunny mug that survived the fire at the YWCA Rockhill apartment complex earlier this week has been reunited with its owner. 

Robyn Barnet found the mug lying in the rubble and made it her mission to find the owner of the mug. On Friday, she gave the piece back to Jaylin Hamilton, the mug's creator.

Nancy Larocque, Hamilton's step-mom, said their family learned on Thursday that the mug had survived, after reading a news story about Barnet's search for the mug's owner. 

They reached out to her about getting it back. Barnet called them back in less than an hour.

"We were shocked and in awe that it survived," Larocque said. "I haven't seen it in years." 

Jaylin made the mug while in Grade 3 at Weledeh Catholic school, and it was being kept in storage at the apartment. But now they'll keep it to remember the good things they have, Laroque explained.

Robyn Barnet found this mug while walking around the site of the Rockhill Apartments earlier this week. On Friday, she returned it to its owner. (Rachel Zelniker/CBC)

"This one little cup survived in the rubble and it's a good feeling to have a little bit of that piece of goodness come out of this as well," Laroque said. 

"It's the mementos of the things kids make that we want to keep." 

With files from Marc Winkler and Emily Blake