Special delivery: Bullock's Bistro answers former Yellowknifer's call for secret sauce

A former Yellowknifer living in Vancouver got a special delivery — a bottle of his favourite dressing hand-delivered by the people who make it.

'I was overcome with joy,' says Shai Topaz after plea for more salad dressing is answered

Shai Topaz, centre, with Mark Elson and Jo-Ann Martin, after they brought him a special order of Bullock's secret sauce. (Submitted by Shai Topaz)

What would you do to get your favourite brand of salad dressing? 

For Shai Topaz, it was something he just had to have. 

The former Yellowknifer, who's now living in Vancouver, took to Facebook to see if he could get a couple bottles of secret sauce from Bullock's Bistro, a famous Yellowknife restaurant. He ended up getting it hand-delivered to him by the restaurant's owners. 

"I was overcome with joy," he said. "It's quite typical of the Northern type of generosity and friendliness." 

Topaz and his wife first encountered the sauce during their going-away dinner at Bullock's just before leaving Yellowknife earlier this year. The sauce is a signature part of the menu at the restaurant in Yellowknife's Oldtown neighbourhood. 

It was a memory of Yellowknife drizzled on the salad- Shai Topaz

"It's a culinary experience like no other," Topaz said. "We used it on the fish, the salad, everything else and said, 'This is so good!'" 

Before they left town, they bought themselves a bottle of the sweet Teriyaki sauce and quickly found out that they could use it with everything they ate — which meant it didn't take long for it to run out.

"It was: 'Oh no, what are we going to do? There's nothing to compare to this," he said. "It's also a reminder of our time in Yellowknife." 

What a sad sight! Topaz stored his Bullock's sauce in an old beer bottle. When he was close to empty, he called for help on social media to see if someone would bring him some from Yellowknife. (Submitted by Shai Topaz )

That's where Bite Me Yellowknife comes in. 

The Facebook page is a space for all of the city's food news, restaurant recommendations and other conversations about food. Topaz put his plea out there and waited. 

It's a long shot but that dressing from Bullocks is legendary and I'm down to the last drop here in Vancouver. Anyone flying down? 

Three days later, he got a reply from Bullock's. The owners Jo-Ann Martin and Mark Elson planned to be in Vancouver  for an Elton John concert. They met for the handover at Rogers Arena before the show. 

"We have to thank Elton John for this," he said. 

Since then, "life has been so wonderful," with Topaz marvelling at the generosity of northerners. His first meal with his special sauce? A salad and vegetarian shepherd's pie. 

"It was a memory of Yellowknife drizzled on the salad," he said. "Life is good."

Written by Alex Brockman, based on an interview by Lawrence Nayally


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