Bostjan Skrlj's motorcycle adventure comes to a halt

Since 2008, world traveller and adventurer Bostjan Skrlj has visited 41 countries on his motorcycle. The BMW Gs-1200 was stolen on Sunday in Whitehorse. 'It's not just a bike. It's also a friend, a companion.'

After visiting 41 countries in 7 years, Skrlj's trusty motorcycle was stolen in Whitehorse Sunday

Bostjan Skrlj poses with his motorcycle in Aleppo, Syria in 2009. He travelled with his bike to 41 countries around the world, before it was stolen in Whitehorse on May 10. (Bostjan Skrlj/Facebook)

After visiting 41 countries of the world on a trusty motorcycle, Bostjan Skrlj now finds himself without a ride.

His BMW Gs-1200 adventure motorcycle was stolen in Whitehorse during the night of May 10. 

"It's hard to believe it's gone," said Skrlj. "It's not just a bike. It's also a friend, a companion." 

Skrlj is from Slovenia. In 2008 he started a worldwide journey which so far had brought him more than 147,000 kilometres. The motorcycle is loaded with camping gear and covered with stickers and boxes as well as a logo for his website. It was locked in front of a house in the neighbourhood of Porter Creek. 

"I'm really shocked that this happened here," he told Yukon's Airplay host Dave White. "Maybe down in South America or Africa where somebody would take it just for money, but not here.

"I've been in some really rough areas."

Skrlj has been travelling in Canada for about a year. He recently returned from Manitoba after an unsuccessful attempt to cross the sea ice of Hudson Bay from Churchill, Manitoba, to Arviat, Nunavut, the last Canadian territory on his list. 

"I really want to go back and finish this," Skrlj said. 

He says he still hopes to complete his adventure, with 150 more countries to visit. 


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