Bison killed on Highway 3 will feed Fort Providence residents

Two bison were killed instantly by a truck while the other two were injured, then killed later that evening by renewable resource officers. The incident was reported by the truck driver.

A truck collided with four bison last week killing two instantly

Rebecca and Richard Birch found dead bison along Highway 3 Friday afternoon. (Submitted by Rebecca and Richard Birch)

Four bison killed after they were hit by a truck on Highway 3 last week will feed community members in Fort Providence, N.W.T. 

Two bison were killed instantly by the truck. The other two were injured, then later killed by renewable resource officers.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources received a report of the incident on April 5. According to RCMP, the crash happened 80 kilometres north of Fort Providence, at marker 105. The collision was reported by the driver involved, who RCMP are still looking to speak with as of Tuesday afternoon.

A couple from Yellowknife, Richard and Rebecca Birch, saw the dead bison on the side of the road while driving on the highway the following day. They said they were concerned as they hadn't heard any reports about the incident.

"It's just kind of a shock, you don't normally see that on the roads," said Richard, adding he didn't notice any evidence of a crash. "When you hit something that big you can wind up off the road, or you know, smash you up."

Meat to be distributed

Curtis stated the two young bulls, one cow and one male calf, were skinned, butchered and removed from the site on April 6. The meat was to be distributed to elders and other community members in Fort Providence.

Curtis reminded drivers to use caution when driving on the highway. Any accidentally killed or seriously wounded big game must be reported within 24 hours to a renewable resource officer, or regional department office.