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Bannock dogs are delicious and best when deep fried

This week's Arctic Kitchen recipe is deep fried bannock dogs.

'Just to let it cook, it will flip over on its own when done on one side,' said Donna McCallum

McCallum said her bannock is too soft to cook bannock dogs over a campfire, but perfect for deep frying. (Submitted by Donna McCallum)

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If you are going to make bannock hotdogs, there are a couple important rules to follow.

First off, you don't want cheap wieners; get the good kind.

Secondly, deep frying them is the best.

Take it from Donna McCallum - she knows her bannock dogs.

"They're really tasty," she said from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

McCallum has been cooking with bannock for years and one day decided she was going to make bannock dogs.

Her first attempt was over an open fire while out camping.

Bannock dogs will automatically turn in a deep fryer when one side is done cooking, said Donna McCallum. (Submitted by Donna McCallum)

"I would wrap strips [of bannock] around a stick and cook slowly over a fire, then my family and I thought  … we could make hotdogs and wrap dough around it," she said.

"This doesn't work too well,' she added.

McCallum said her dough is soft and that it tends to "gravitate easily."

"I could make a more dense dough but then it wouldn't be the best," she said with a laugh.

From the campground to the kitchen, McCallum decided she would deep fry her bannock dogs.

She learned fast that you can't skimp on cheap wieners.

"If one uses a lower standard dog it will shrivel and dry up," she said.

Bannock dogs can be eaten just like this, dipped in condiments or covered in chili. (Submitted by Donna McCallum)

Once a good wiener is selected and wrapped in bannock, put it in the deep fryer and watch the magic happen.

"Just to let it cook, it will flip over on its own when done on one side," she said.

McCallum posted a pic of her bannock dogs on CBC North's Facebook group The Arctic Kitchen.

People got excited.

"Yes please!!" said one member of the group.

"They look really, really good!" said another.

McCallum said she was blown away by the response and has loved taking part in the group.

Check out the post to find full details on how to make her delicious bannock.