Baker Lake mayor gets year probation for domestic assault

Shawn Attungala is guilty of domestic assault, though he won’t have a criminal record for long.

Shawn Attungala will not have a criminal record if he follows probation conditions

Baker Lake's mayor Shawn Attungala was charged with assault in September. (Travis Burke/CBC)

Baker Lake Mayor Shawn Attungala is guilty of domestic assault, though he won't have a criminal record for long.

Last month, Justice Neil Sharkey gave him a conditional discharge in the Nunavut Court of Justice. This means his record will expire after a set period of time if the conditions of his discharge are met.

The conditional discharge is not a conviction, but it finds the accused is guilty.

Attungala will serve 12 months of probation, during which he is required to keep the peace and attend any counselling directed by his probation officer.

He is not to have any contact with the person he assaulted.  

The sentencing took place during the Kivalliq circuit court on Jan. 22.

Attungala pleaded guilty to the assault charge in December. The incident took place on Sept. 8. 

He remains mayor of the Nunavut community, despite councillors supporting a non-confidence motion, because the councillors have no power to oust him.