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Thomas Rohner is an independent investigative reporter based in Iqaluit. His work has been published by CBC, The Toronto Star and VICE News. You can contact him at, on twitter @thomas_rohner, or find him on Facebook.

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Prisoners at Iqaluit jail say they're being unfairly punished through 'kangaroo court'

Prisoners at Nunavut’s biggest jail say they’re being unfairly punished for breaking jail rules by an internal court that doesn’t allow them to defend themselves.

Nunavut's notorious jail will no longer use isolation to punish prisoners, says gov't

An official with Nunavut's Baffin Correctional Centre says it will no longer punish prisoners with isolation for breaking rules, but a critic says the government is playing 'a word game.'

OJ's story: Trauma and resilience in Rankin Inlet, after death of 11-year-old

July marks two years since the death of 11-year-old OJ Taparti. People in his home community are still reckoning with his death, and finding the strength to go on.

Baffin Correctional Centre prisoner's hunger strike ends

Poasie Aniniliak, 32, began his hunger strike on June 5 to protest conditions at the Iqaluit jail.

'I'm looking for help': Prisoner at Iqaluit jail on hunger strike to protest conditions

Poasie Aniniliak says he's been denied programming and spends most of his time in segregation at the Nunavut jail.

Wrongful death lawsuit settled in case of Nunavut's Baby Makibi

A settlement has been reached in the wrongful death lawsuit against the government of Nunavut and a former nurse in connection with the death of three-month-old Makibi Timilak in Cape Dorset.

Lawsuit details alleged police brutality against Iqaluit man

An Iqaluit resident is seeking more than $40,000 in damages in a lawsuit against Nunavut RCMP and two named officers, claiming he was the victim of excessive force in two separate incidents.

Beyond the headlines: No equal access in Access to Information process

Access to Information laws are designed to help people participate in democracy, But the costs associated with appealing decisions can determine who gets to participate, argues columnist Thomas Rohner.

RCMP officer who used pepper spray on inmate says force was necessary, court hears

Closing arguments were heard in the case against a former RCMP officer facing an assault charges stemming from a 2015 incident in Pond Inlet, Nunavut.