Susan Bell, Betsy Longchap

Susan Bell and Betsy Longchap work with the CBC's Cree Unit in Montreal.

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Cree community tackles bootlegging and drug dealing

More than 200 people attended a community meeting in Chisasibi to discuss the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol and the resulting social issues, as the community deals with the suicides of three youth since January.

Glamping takes a Cree twist with the 'Creetopia'

The Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association and the French company Huttopia have collaborated to develop a prototype ready-to-camp tent called the 'Creetopia,' inspired by Cree culture.

Cree language and culture keepers celebrate McGill graduation

Nearly 60 students graduated, many of them with a teaching certificate in First Nations and Inuit Education, Language and Culture from McGill University’s Department of Education

Cree hunter upset after Quebec police question if his guns are registered

Samuel Cox, a Cree hunter and firearms instructor from Chisasibi, says he was stopped by provincial police while out hunting. He was asked to provide proof that his guns were registered under the new provincial long-gun registry.

Cree customary adoption system taking shape

Quebec Cree are moving toward their own customary adoption system. Under changes to Quebec's adoption laws and Civil Code adopted in 2017, the widespread and longstanding tradition of Indigenous customary adoption is now legally recognised in Quebec.

Chisasibi radio celebrates 35 years of connecting Cree

Chisasibi CHFG radio station celebrates more than 35 years connecting Cree to each other and the rest of the world.

Cree Nation bans Indigenous harvest of George River caribou

The Cree Nation government is moving to restrict the caribou harvest in an effort to protect the George River and Leaf River herds.

'A huge class': McGill graduates 40 students from Indigenous language and literacy program

The certificate is one of several programs offered in Cree, Inuktitut, Mi'kmaq, Naskapi and Mohawk through the Office of First Nations and Inuit Education at McGill University.

Divers continue search for missing Waswanipi boater

Divers continue the search for a man involved in a weekend boating accident on the O'Sullivan River near the northern Quebec community of Miquelon, after the body of a fellow passenger was pulled from the water Sunday. One other passenger made it safely to the shore.

Quebec's Indigenous inquiry to hear from Cree communities in coming weeks

The Viens Commission is heading to the Cree community of Mistissini as it continues to collect testimony on how Indigenous people are treated by some public services in Quebec.