Steve Silva

Video journalist

Steve Silva is a video journalist for CBC News based in Whitehorse. He has journalism degrees from Ryerson University and Columbia University. So far, he has filed reports from five provinces and two territories in Canada. He can be reached at:

Latest from Steve Silva

Whitehorse 84-unit apartment building for seniors scheduled for 2022

An 84-unit apartment building for seniors, including 26 affordable housing units, is scheduled to open in 2022 in Whitehorse’s Takhini neighbourhood, the Yukon government announced Tuesday.

Whitehorse man says new federal quarantine rules frustrating to comply with

Kevin Rumsey of Whitehorse says it has been frustrating trying to comply with new quarantine rules for people who travel into Canada by air.

Problems with vaccination booking site fixed, says Yukon government

Whitehorse residents 18 and older are once again able to book an appointment for their first shot of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine.

Whitehorse's wastewater being tested for COVID-19 virus

The Yukon government is getting some of Whitehorse's wastewater tested for the virus that causes COVID-19, according to internal documents and emails.

Liquor sales in Yukon barely changed in 2020

Liquor sales by Yukon’s main liquor retailer and wholesaler barely changed last year.

Whitehorse woman says someone scamming others with her Facebook account

A woman who lives in Whitehorse says someone is using her Facebook account to scam people into giving them money, and she can’t stop it.

Yukon Quest organizers still expecting 2022 race to go ahead

The head of the Yukon Quest’s Canadian office says organizers are still expecting the sled dog race to return a little more than a year from now.

Women jump on attacking lynx to save dog in Beaver Creek, Yukon

Two women in Beaver Creek, Yukon, say they jumped on a lynx to pull it away from a dog it attacked on Saturday.

Care provider says Yukon gov't taking too long to pay her

A woman who provides services for Yukon's health department says the territorial government is often taking too long to pay her.

Elections Yukon prepping for thousands of special ballots, new box in next election

Yukoners will be in for several changes in the territory's next general election, including how and where they can vote. The election must called this year.