Sima Sahar Zerehi

Sima Sahar Zerehi is a reporter with CBC North. She started her career in journalism with the ethnic press working for a Canadian-based Farsi language newspaper. Her CBC journey began as a regular commentator with CBC radio's Metro Morning. Since then she's worked with CBC in Montreal, Toronto and now Iqaluit.

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Qanurli, Nunavut's Inuktitut TV show, travels to other Inuit regions

Qanurli, a comedy TV series, uses 'humour and charm' to poke fun at pop culture and talk about social and cultural issues in the North.

Stratford Festival stages play set in Arctic directed by an Inuk with Inuit cast

Next year's Stratford Festival season will include a play set in the Arctic, directed by an Inuk, starring Inuit actors.

Missing Whale Cove hunter found safe

George Ulurksit, who did not return from a hunting trip as expected Nov. 15, has been found safe and sound in a cabin northwest of the Nunavut hamlet.

Canadian North calls First Air codeshare drop a 'sudden, unilateral' decision

Canadian North president Steve Hankirk says he is "disappointed by First Air’s sudden, unilateral decision" to end the codeshare agreement between the two airlines.

Toronto researchers have a 'sweet' solution for killing E. coli in drinking water

Researchers from York University in Toronto have created a product that uses sugar to lure E. coli in drinking water into a deadly trap.

New hours, parcel pickup options at Iqaluit post office ahead of Christmas rush

Canada Post is gearing up for the increased volume of parcels during the holiday mailing season by expanding their service in Iqaluit.

Big win for Nunavut in 25th annual Atlantic Cup Speed Skating Championships

The Nunavut Speed Skating Association is coming home with huge smiles and seven medals from the 25th annual Atlantic Cup Speed Skating Championships in Charlottetown.

Trump's victory may be bad news in fight against climate change, says Inuit leader

The president of Canada’s national Inuit organization says Donald Trump’s victory is bad news for Inuit and advances made for joint work on climate change in the Arctic.

'Small but mighty' Canadian Museum of Inuit Art closing its doors

Canadians will have one less place to learn about Inuit art, as Toronto’s Canadian Museum of Inuit Art (MIA) is closing its doors on May 30.

Iqaluit's hunters have a new community freezer

After a couple of decades of work, Iqaluit’s hunters and trappers association finally has a new community freezer for storing country food — now the hunters’ group is working with the city to figure out where it can be stored.