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Sara Minogue has been reporting in the North since 2004. She is based in Yellowknife.

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Forensic expert testifies 'sleeper hold' caused Bradley Winsor's death

The chokehold Daniel Hodgson applied to Bradley Winsor in May of 2017 can cause a person to lose consciousness in 10 seconds, and die within 30, Dr. Christopher Milroy told the court Friday. 

Witness says 'it was a ruckus' the night Bradley Winsor died in 2017

Three people have now testified they saw Daniel Hodgson put Bradley Winsor in a chokehold shortly before he died. The details that led up to it remain fuzzy. 

COVID-19 in High Level, Alta., puts some N.W.T. residents on edge

Alberta doesn’t report case numbers by community, but High Level mayor Crystal McAteer says she’s spoken to the parents of a child under 16 who has the B117 variant. 

Yukon high school students are returning to full-time classes. Will N.W.T. follow suit? 

“It’s likely there won’t be any changes for the remainder of the school year,” Education Minister R.J. Simpson told CBC Wednesday. 

800-year-old moccasin connects Dene migrants to the American southwest

A strap of bison leather on a distinctly subarctic Dene moccasin in the 13th century suggests early Dene migrants from northwestern America travelled closer to the Apache and Navajo homelands than previously recorded.

What is Gahcho Kué doing to protect its workers from COVID-19?

“There seems to be some kind of top secret exposure control plan that [the minister] can’t even share any information with me on the floor of this house,” said Frame Lake MLA Kevin O’Reilly Tuesday.

Little progress in N.W.T. on bill to devolve child and family services to Indigenous governments

“Agreements are in place with Indigenous governments and provincial jurisdictions across Canada. We should be in that position as well,” said Monfwi MLA Jackson Lafferty Monday.

Kimmirut hamlet improvises radio fix after CBC signal cuts out

A quick and dirty fix is all that's keeping Kimmirut's community radio from going the way of Fort Liard's and broadcasting dead air.

N.W.T. to launch survey on addictions treatment, mull relapse options

“We know we need to further strengthen our system to help those who are struggling most,” said Health Minister Julie Green as she announced the survey Friday. 

N.W.T. premier apologizes to public 'hurt' by senior staff holiday travel 

“I apologize to the public that has been hurt by this," Premier Caroline Cochrane said in the legislative assembly Friday. "That was not the intent."