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Sara Frizzell is a reporter with CBC Ottawa. Previously, she worked as the news producer at CBC Nunavut. She's worked in radio, podcasting and longform journalism since graduating from Carleton University's journalism program in 2013. Contact her at

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Inuit leader says conversation about racism around Larga Baffin could be learning moment

Following a tense discussion around the zoning of a planned medical boarding home for Inuit in Ottawa, Inuit leader Natan Obed said there is an opportunity to learn from what was said.

Bancroft 'rocked' by death of toddler left in car while mother taught at school

The community of Bancroft, Ont., is coming together to support the family of a 23-month-old boy, who died after being accidentally left in a car last week, the mayor said. The OPP is investigating. 

Neighbourhood pantry designed by Carleton students making architecture work for community

Kitchens in Centretown are about to get a little bit bigger as Carleton University architecture students put the finishing touches on a community pantry they're calling Public Food.

Larga Baffin proposal creates community tension as need increases for Inuit health care

With the city's planning committee set to vote on the development, arguments over land-use planning will run headlong into concerns that some in the community don't value Inuit health care.

CEO of National Gallery moves on to job at Philadelphia Museum of Art

The director and CEO of the National Gallery of Canada has accepted a new job at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, after just over three years in Ottawa. 

Storm struck at a bad time for baby birds, rescue centres say

Last weekend's violent storm hit at a particularly bad time for baby birds as many local species are nesting, according to those who run bird rescue organizations in the city. 

Township of Russell, Ont., now named after 'all Russells,' not slave owner

The Township of Russell, Ont., is now named for all people named Russell who have a "positive impact" on the eastern Ontario community, rather than a politician who owned four slaves in the 1700s and 1800s. 

Dog rescues overloaded as people surrender pandemic pups

The Kingston Humane Society says they have never seen as many dogs in care as they have this past month —  a trend they’re attributing to a return to pre-pandemic life for the dogs’ owners. Ottawa Dog Rescue says the same.

Photog shares tips on being a conscientious birder, not dangerous paparazzi

A family of great horned owls has arrived in Ottawa, and the celebrity attention they're receiving is likely stressing them out, according to a wildlife conservation photographer.

Princess Margriet to make public appearance at Tulip Festival this weekend

Visitors at the opening day of the Canadian Tulip Festival this weekend will have a chance to see Princess Margriet of the Netherlands during her five-day trip to the city.