Richard Gleeson

Richard Gleeson is a reporter for CBC in Yellowknife. He covers a wide variety of issues, including politics, the justice system and the environment.

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Search warrant offers details of alleged attack in Yellowknife with machete, loaded pistol, baseball bat

A police account of an investigation into an alleged assault in Yellowknife paints a startling picture of the violence often associated with the hard drug trade.

Prosecutor calls for 2.5-year sentence for man found with almost $70,000 in Inuvik

Prosecutors are seeking a 2.5-year sentence for a first-time offender who was found with the proceeds of crime, amounting to nearly $70,000. The man's defense lawyer says he should be sentenced to house arrest with conditions.

Bus collides with bison after delivering flood evacuees to Yellowknife

One of the buses used to transport people from Hay River to Yellowknife collided with a bison on the way back to Hay River. No passengers were on board at the time, and the driver is unhurt.

Parole board says Nunavut man too dangerous to live on his own

A Nunavut man who stabbed another man in the neck in Yellowknife and beat a jail guard is too dangerous to be living in an unsupervised home, according to a recent Parole Board of Canada decision.

N.W.T. MLAs were no-shows in investigation of clerk

A heavily redacted report says despite reminders, few MLAs participated in an investigation of the Legislative Assembly's most senior bureaucrat.

Northwest Territories MLAs scolded for leak

Northwest Territories MLAs have been cautioned about the importance of secrecy after CBC referred in a story to information contained in a confidential agenda for a confidential meeting of all MLAs on Monday.

N.W.T MLAs suspend chief electoral officer until end of her term

A committee of MLAs that oversees the operation of the legislature has suspended Nicole Latour, who alleged the clerk of the legislature was working to undermine her authority — an allegation that an investigation largely dismissed.

Tłı̨chǫ government joins chamber of mines court case

Saying it's a case that bears directly on its right to co-manage resource development on its traditional lands, the Tłı̨chǫ Government has joined a court case in which the N.W.T. and Nunavut Chamber of Mines is asking a judge to rule that land use permits be extended more than once.

Urgency cited as main reason for sole source contracting by N.W.T. government

A closer look at contracts entered into without competition shows $473,000 spent on catering in a homeless shelter, almost $1 million to Hay River businesses for isolation accommodation, and $20,000 to the N.W.T. Chamber of Commerce for a list of PPE suppliers in 2020.

N.W.T. health minister says $750 per call to tobacco Quitline is money well spent

A telephone service set up to help people in the Northwest Territories quit smoking cost taxpayers an average of just over $750 per call the last three years. The health minister says that's money well spent.