Nick Murray

Nick Murray is a CBC reporter, based in Iqaluit since 2015. He got his start with CBC in Fredericton after graduating from St. Thomas University's journalism program. He's also worked two Olympic Games as a senior writer with CBC Sports. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickMurray91.

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When Nunavut students are violent, suspending them isn't so simple

Schools across Nunavut are facing a balancing act: to levy enough punishment to keep staff and students safe when violence happens, but lenient enough not to step on a child's right to an education.
CBC Investigates

'It's not their fault': Nunavut students who act violently let down by lack of counselling, educators say

While the Nunavut government doesn't have answers, some educators suspect school violence is symptomatic of deeper social issues, such as housing scarcity and hunger, combined with a lack of mental health services — ongoing effects of colonialism that are beyond the control of children who act out.
CBC Investigates

Nunavut schools had 1,000 violent incidents last year, CBC investigation reveals

In the 2019-2020 school year, there were more than 1,000 violent incidents in Nunavut’s schools. But the government doesn't normally track them.

Air Nunavut takes feds to court over fine for unauthorized bathroom break

Air Nunavut is fighting a $2,500 fine after it was penalized for allowing passengers on an international charter flight to use the bathroom during a refueling stop.

Team Peter Mackey wins Nunavut curling championship, punches ticket to Brier

Peter Mackey's team captured the Nunavut men's curling championship on Sunday, beating Wade Kingdon's team 10-6 in a winner-take-all game at the Iqaluit Curing Club and earning a berth in the Tim Horton's Brier.

Amazon opens pickup depot in Iqaluit, promising dramatically faster shipping

Amazon opened its own pickup depot in Iqaluit, promising faster and more reliable service to Nunavut's capital. The company signed a new partnership with Canadian North, which will cut delivery times from two to three weeks down to three to five days.

CRA says northerners can claim in-territory travel on income taxes as GN calls for reform

The Canada Revenue Agency says northerners who didn't vacation south during the pandemic, can still claim northern travel on their tax returns this year.

Canada Post promises long-term changes to Iqaluit postal struggles

Canada Post is promising changes at Iqaluit's post office, trying to find a solution to systematically change how mail is delivered in Iqaluit.

City revamps Iqaluit's land bylaw to help Inuit secure lots

The City of Iqaluit has returned from the drawing board with a new proposal on how to divvy land lots around Nunavut's capital, while still giving preference to Inuit.

'I will be a little bit more at peace': Inuit leader reflects on report of CFL team changing name

Natan Obed, president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, says if the reports are true that Edmonton's CFL team will have a new name, Inuit can move on to tackling other issues without this 'distraction.'