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Natalie Pressman is a reporter with CBC North in Yellowknife. She can be reached at or on Twitter at @natpressman.

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Future of Hay River Ski Club uncertain without government funding

The Hay River Ski club received interim territorial government funding for 2021-22 and 2022-23 but government says it 'does not provide core funding to any community-based sport organizations directly in any community in the Northwest Territories.'

Nunavut court sheriff accused of sexual assault in N.W.T.

On his way back to Nunavut after a court circuit, a Nunavut courtworker is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Yellowknife hotel room following a night of drinking.

Yellowknife parents optimistic about back to school, but brace for future lockdowns

For the second year in a row students are returning to school amid a global pandemic. Yellowknife parents say they are happy for their kids to get back into routine but preparing for the possibility of another lockdown.

Investigator rules allegations against clerk of N.W.T. mostly 'unfounded'

In an independent review of a top unelected territorial official, three of four complaints of bullying and harassment were determined to be unfounded. 

Red Cross to support Fort Simpson community mental health

A project to provide mental health supports to residents of Fort Simpson in the wake of the recent flooding should begin in the next few weeks.

Isolating Sahtu community members urge others to take outbreak seriously

As communities in the N.W.T manage the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the territory to date, residents of Fort Good Hope and Colville Lake urge others to comply with containment orders and public health restrictions.

N.W.T. judge rules she'll review child pornography to sentence former nurse

Justice Louise Charbonneau has issued a ruling on whether viewing the materials at the heart of a child pornography case will help or hinder her sentencing decision, and what other harms it could cause to court staff.

Former N.W.T nurse convicted of possessing child pornography

Mario LaPlante, a former nurse in Whatì, was convicted of possessing and distributing child pornography. The 64-year-old man was found with thousands of images and videos on his computer while working and living at the Whatì health centre.

Canada's 1st Emancipation Day an opportunity, say members of Yellowknife's Black community

Sunday will mark Canada's first Emancipation Day recognising the anniversary of the slavery abolition act. Members of the Black community in Yellowknife say this is an opportunity to acknowledge the past.

People in Inuvik are keeping cool in the river — and some want the town to make it safer

Inuvik residents are making use of the river to stay cool while the pool remains closed for construction. But some residents worry that it's not safe, and they want the town to do something.