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Councillors press for public input in review of City of Yellowknife's wildfire response

For an assessment if the city's response to the wildfires, councillors say there should be more focus on transparency to the public and hearing about residents' experiences.

N.W.T. minister says lack of staff for shelter-in-place plan triggered Yellowknife's full evacuation

The day before the N.W.T. government declared a city-wide evacuation order for Yellowknife due to wildfire, city officials realized they didn't have enough staff for their plan to shelter in place.
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N.W.T. man files excessive force complaint against Fort Smith RCMP

Kelly Canadian was charged with assaulting peace officers but he says that he is the victim of violence from police. Canadian was found not guilty on the charges and has filed a complaint against RCMP for excessive use of force that left him with fractured vertebrae.

Hay River, N.W.T., to lobby territorial, federal governments for more business support after wildfire

Hay River Mayor Kandis Jameson says $5,000 being offered to businesses in evacuated communities isn't enough and she'll be lobbying for more support from the territorial and federal governments.

N.W.T. store shelves filling up again after wildfires disrupted supply chain

The evacuation of Yellowknife last month disrupted the normal supply chain for groceries to reach other N.W.T. communities. Things are starting to get back to normal.

By road and by air, Yellowknifers head home after 3-week evacuation

A three-week evacuation odyssey ended for many Yellowknifers Wednesday, as people began to return home. The barricades outside of the city opened at 11 a.m., and cars began streaming in.

3 firefighters in N.W.T. recently injured by falling tree, propeller

Three reported injuries for firefighters in N.W.T.

Curious about logistics of getting home to Yellowknife? Here's what officials say

CBC North asked people to send us their questions about the return plan. Here's what officials had to say.

Will the wildfires 'being held' near Yellowknife ever be 'under control'? Maybe by winter, officials say

Two of the wildfires burning in the N.W.T.'s North Slave region are now classified as "being held," meaning officials don't expect the fires to grow beyond a controlled perimeter.

Feeling overwhelmed by 'eco-anxiety'? Here's how to cope

With the threat of wildfire and climate change, experts say it's normal to feel stress and anxiety. To avoid being overwhelmed by eco-anxiety, they suggest things such as coming up with a personal climate action plan, staying informed and showing yourself kindness.