Michelle Pucci

Michelle Pucci is an Iqaluit-based reporter for CBC North. You can contact her at michelle.pucci@cbc.ca

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Iqaluit city council moves to ban single-use plastic bags

Iqaluit city council is moving toward banning single-use plastic bags — a move that is proving popular with hunters and other community members.

'I don't think people realize it was temporary': Iqaluit's damp shelter to close

After opening with fanfare six months ago, Iqaluit's damp shelter is closing its doors July 1.

Canada may be 'undermining' Nunavut Impact Review Board: WWF

The World Wildlife Fund is criticizing federal ministers for approving increases in iron production at the Mary River mine, even though Nunavut regulators denied Baffinland’s request.

'A chance to think more about why they're here': Christmas comes to Nunavut jail

For many, the holiday season is about being home with family, but that's not possible for inmates from across Nunavut at the Makigiarvik Correctional Centre in Iqaluit.

Hydroponic pilot project plants seed for Kuujjuaq-grown produce

Inside a shipping container, hundreds of heads of lettuce and plants like mountain sorrel are growing using hydroponics.

Nunavut races to fill dozens of teaching spots as school year begins

A country-wide teacher shortage is affecting some Nunavut schools. The territory has 66 vacant teaching positions, and classes have already been postponed in at least one community.

'I'm surprised I'm still here': Hunter OK after bowhead whale strikes him off boat

Nunavummiut are still telling stories of the bowhead whale hunt outside of Iqaluit, including one about Brandon Oolayou, a young hunter who was hit by the whale.

'The adrenaline is still going:' Excitement lingers after Iqaluit bowhead hunt

First-time hunter Koovian Flanagan is still shaking with excitement on Long Island, as she fills bags with food to share.

Canada needs to focus on infrastructure in the North, Nunavut tells ministers' conference

Canada says it wants to increase mining and development in the North and Nunavut is calling for better infrastructure to make it happen.

Women at Iqaluit homeless shelters say non-Inuit staff are culturally insensitive

The organization responsible for two women’s shelters in Iqaluit says it’s addressing concerns from clients, who say non-Inuit staff are culturally insensitive.