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Michel Proulx is a digital journalist with CBC News in Whitehorse. He joined CBC North in 2020. He has also worked in Victoria and Ottawa.

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6 invasive plants in the Yukon and what you can do about them

There are more than 20 invasive plant species in the Yukon that spread, change the makeup of the soil and generally prevent native plant species from thriving in their natural environment. here's what you can do about six of the most common ones.

Justice deputy minister appointed newest judge to Yukon territorial court

John Phelps, Yukon’s deputy minister of justice, was appointed as a judge to the Territorial Court to replace Judge Peter Chisholm, who is retiring. Jeff Ford was named interim deputy minster of Justice.

Baby woolly mammoth discovered in Yukon likely died in a storm more than 30,000 years ago, researchers say

More information was released Wednesday about Nun cho ga, the first near-complete baby woolly mammoth found in North America, including the significance of intense storms that accompanied her discovery and also, most likely her death.

Yukon rescinds evacuation alert, softens travel advisory, as rain calms fires across territory

The Yukon government on Tuesday rescinded an evacuation alert issued earlier for several communities in the central territory, as rains have helped calm wildfires in the area.

Whitehorse puts the brakes on transit system changes

Whitehorse city council voted unanimously Monday night to put the brakes on changes to the city's transit system and directed the city's administration to review feedback, consult with the public and report back with a new plan by end of year.

'She's perfect and she's beautiful': Frozen baby woolly mammoth discovered in Yukon gold fields

The Yukon government's paleontologist is calling a frozen baby woolly mammoth found this week near Dawson City the 'most important discovery in paleontology in North America.'

CYFN and Connective to take over running Whitehorse emergency shelter

A partnership between the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) and Connective, formerly known as the John Howard Society, will take over running the Whitehorse emergency shelter starting in October.

Yukon appoints new chief medical officer of health

Dr. Sudit Ranade, the current medical officer of health for Lambton County in Ontario, will begin his new job in the Yukon on July 4.

Sandbagging continues in Teslin to protect community from flooding

Work to protect properties and critical infrastructure in Teslin, Yukon, continues Wednesday as the community remains under a flood warning. About 18,000 sandbags were filled Monday and Tuesday to help protect areas at risk of being flooded in the community.

Yukoners: Bug expert wants you to mail him that mosquito you just swatted

A B.C.-based entomologist is asking people in the Yukon to send him dead mosquitoes to help him track whether climate change is luring them north, and whether they're introducing pathogens, such as the West Nile virus, to new areas.