Michaela Crook


Michaela Crook is an Indigenous filmmaker from Hay River, N.W.T., working at CBC North as a multimedia reporter.

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N.W.T. embarks on 2-year project to reduce wait times, improve options for mental health services

The Northwest Territories government is working with the Mental Health Commission of Canada on a two-year project that intends to provide a greater variety of mental health support options.

Many N.W.T. athletes on track to go back on the ice this fall

The N.W.T public health office is working with sports organizations to approve return-to-play plans for the upcoming sports season.

'The trees are falling': Campers near Hay River caught in severe storm

People camping in Hay River, N.W.T., and surrounding areas were subject to extreme conditions Monday morning when a storm ripped through the southern part of the territory.

Dene-based education plan in the works following education summit

This week, the Dene Nation held its first education summit, in order to gather input for a draft document that will outline its vision and priorities for Indigenous education.

Yellowknife Day Care Association 'disappointed' it didn't get city tax exemption

The City of Yellowknife may look into revising its criteria on what makes an organization eligible for property tax exemptions. After it denied the daycare association's requests, councillors said they may need to revisit the wording of the policy.

Fishing industry still a priority, says N.W.T. government as it signs agreement with Tu'cho' Co-op

This week, the Tu’cho’ Fishers’ Co-operative and the Northwest Territories government signed a memorandum that affirms their commitment to working as business partners.

Łutsël K'é diesel power plant to be replaced in $11.3M project

A new diesel power plant will be built further from the centre of town, near a fuel tank farm owned by the territorial government.

Inuvik Native Band votes on new election code

Voting takes place from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Ingamo Hall Friendship Centre, but members can also cast their ballots by phone or online.

'I don't know how I got so lucky': Strangers gift Yellowknife server $1,100 in cash

Brenegan McNulty, a single mother and sever at Yellowknife's Nova Hotel restaurant, received quite the surprise during her shift Monday.

Botox on wheels: Hay River woman launching mobile Botox clinic

Nurse practitioner Susan Balmer says Botox isn't just for city folk. Her fifth-wheel trailer turned mobile Botox clinic will be making its rounds to communities in the N.W.T. this fall.