Lori Fox

Lori Fox is a writer and journalist whose work has also appeared in Yukon News, Vice, and The Guardian. When they aren't writing, they can usually be found fishing, gathering wild mushrooms, or chilling with a book and their pitbull, Herman.

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The Whitehorse mayoral race is a joke and we're all doomed

There’s little substantial difference between the candidates, all of whom are upper class settlers whose platforms are clearly geared to their own demographic, writes Lori Fox in this opinion column.

OPINION | It's about time Yukon Rendezvous dropped the colonialist 'Sourdough'

Organizers of the Yukon Rendezvous were right to drop "Sourdough" from the festival's name, as it's a relic from an era of racism, sexism, misogyny and colonialism, Lori Fox argues.

OPINION | Frosty reception to proposed rent freeze shows Yukon politicians' priorities are with upper class

Earlier this month, a motion to put a moratorium on rent increases in Yukon until July 1, 2021 was voted down, unanimously rejected by both the Liberal government and the Official Opposition. 

OPINION | Wear a mask: You owe it to the people you count on for service

The Yukon's mask mandate is long overdue, says Lori Fox.

OPINION | Yukon's new rent-relief program is nice, but misses the point

The new Canada-Yukon Housing Benefit is a great initiative, says Lori Fox, but it doesn't address the real issues behind the territory's housing crunch.

OPINION | Yukon's conversion therapy bill exposes underlying mistreatment of LGBTQ community

Lori Fox says the bill’s introduction and debate has exposed the underlying issues that need changing before LGBTQ people in Yukon are truly equal citizens. 

OPINION | Working poor among the hardest hit during COVID-19 pandemic

Bad news: if you were living close to or at the poverty line prior to the COVID-19 crisis and the unprecedented economic downturn that has accompanied it, you’re probably worse off now than ever before.

OPINION | Here's how to help working class Yukoners find affordable housing

Lori Fox argues that Yukon's new Housing First facility is commendable, but it's not the solution for the working poor who struggle to find housing.

OPINION | Shutting Whitehorse citizens out of municipal process troubling idea

A debate in Whitehorse council over whether to close certain meetings to the public and media reveals deeper problems in the culture of municipal government transparency, says Lori Fox.

OPINION | Don't survey Yukoners about 'conversion therapy,' just ban it

There's lots to celebrate this Pride week, argues Lori Fox, but not the Yukon government's weak response to a petition against 'conversion therapy.'