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Kate Kyle is a reporter for CBC North based in Yellowknife. Find her on Twitter @_kate_kyle

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How the COVID-19 pandemic turned an empty Yellowknife motel into a hub of support

When the pandemic hit the Northwest Territories last March, the borders were closed within hours. Within weeks, an empty motel near Yellowknife's downtown was transformed into a COVID-19 isolation shelter to help people without stable housing and at risk of serious illness survive the pandemic. But it's become much more.

This Yellowknife nursing student is fighting cancer — and for her housing

Yellowknifer Toni Anderson and her four children must move out of Aurora College’s student housing by June 30 while the single mother of four undergoes cancer treatment because she’s not a full-time student. Anderson intends to return full-time next January.

People with developmental disabilities should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccine, say advocates

As vaccines roll out, advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities worry they're falling through the cracks for access — even though they can be higher risk for disease, due to necessary interactions with support workers and other vulnerabilities.

Parking lot to farmland: How this Yellowknifer is tackling food insecurity

Yellowknife farmer France Benoit is proving you can grow food just about anywhere — even a parking lot in the N.W.T.

Researchers dig into Canadian North to understand carbon storage in permafrost

Researchers analyzed core samples from nine different regions across northern Canada. They found carbon isn’t just being released in thawing permafrost soil, it’s also ending up in water, potentially ending up in lakes and rivers, where it breaks down faster into carbon dioxide.

Gamètı̀ man sentenced to 6 ½ years in stabbing death of man last year

Alecus Quitte, a 23-year-old man from Gamètı̀, N.W.T., has been sentenced to more than six years in prison in relation to the death Archie Wedzin in 2019. In court, Quitte told the family he doesn't expect forgiveness.

Danish national museum removing outdated term from Arctic exhibits

The National Museum of Denmark is stripping the word "Eskimo" — a term many people consider outdated, even derogatory — from its exhibits, website and social media posts over the coming months.

Why this Yellowknife teen spends hours every week holding up a Black Lives Matter sign

Serena Jenna, 14, has been raising awareness about racism against Black, Indigenous and people of colour by quietly demonstrating each Tuesday for the last five weeks in the same spot on a sidewalk in downtown Yellowknife.

Crown calls for jail time for former girls' basketball coach in sexual assault of minor

Stephen Freake pleaded guilty earlier this year to a sex crime involving in minor. In N.W.T. Territorial Court Friday, a judge considered Freake's sentence.

What's it like to isolate every few weeks? Ask this Yellowknife family

Every time Mike Allerston returns to Yellowknife from working two-week rotations in Alberta’s oilsands, he self-isolates with his family following the N.W.T.'s COVID-19 public health order.