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Kaila Jefferd-Moore is originally from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, and works in CBC North's Whitehorse newsroom. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King's College in Nova Scotia

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Indigenous 'honouring blankets' donated to Whitehorse long term care homes

Three long term care homes in Whitehorse have been gifted hand-crafted blankets, to honour Indigenous elders after they die.

Whitehorse students create food trucks for midterm exam

Students at Vanier Catholic Secondary School cooked up their own food truck menus for a class midterm.
Point of View

CBC North reporter finds out why skydivers keep jumping

Why do people keep jumping out of planes? This week, CBC's Kaila Jefferd-Moore went to Carcross, Yukon, to find out for herself.

Whitehorse compost facility getting upgrades to keep up with demands

The Whitehorse compost facility processes about 2,800 tonnes of organic waste annually. The city of Whitehorse expects that number to increase by 1,000 more tonnes.

Whitehorse residents paint picture of what dismal rental market looks like

The median price for renting in Whitehorse is $1,050 a month. Renting a one-bedroom apartment or condo can range from $950 to $1,600. 

N.W.T. First Nations, federal gov't team up to protect 'breadbasket' of Dehcho region

Edehzhie will be jointly managed by both the Dehcho First Nations and the Canadian Wildlife Services. It will be both a Dehcho Protected Area and a National Wildlife Area.

Behchoko man sentenced to 18 months for alcohol-fuelled home invasion

Jacob Smith-Lafferty, 21, pleaded guilty in February 2017, to breaking and entering into a Behchoko home with the intent to commit a crime.

Yellowknife Filipino group says it's not associated with canvassers selling chocolate bars

The Philippine Cultural Association of Yellowknife said it isn't affiliated with the Filipino fundraisers around town. They've received upwards of 10 complaints about the fundraising.

Gwich'in language centre's move to Inuvik includes new digital archive centre

The Gwich’in Tribal Council language centre's new digital archive project will create a database for Gwich'in to access and learn the language and culture.

Virginia Falls reopened to public after bears cause 4-day closure

The bears were attracted to a moose carcass in the area. Parks Canada wildlife monitors went into the park to remove the carcass and other attractants. The temporary closure left some tourists stuck in Fort Simpson, while others had to abandon their scheduled tours altogether.