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Julien Gignac is a reporter for CBC Yukon. He can be reached at julien.gignac@cbc.ca.

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Whitehorse city council votes in favour of downtown supportive housing project

The 55-unit project proposes a priority system where roughly 75 per cent of the units would be for Indigenous people and 50 per cent would be for women. There would also 16 spaces for youth.

Yukon officials say they're prepared to handle delta variant

Officials say they're on track to repeal the state of emergency on Aug. 25, which has been extended on a month-to-month basis since the early days of the pandemic.

Ross River Dena Council reports 17 COVID-19 cases

The case count is projected to rise in the coming days, deputy chief says

Water levels ebb in Yukon, but lakes 'are still very much in flood stage': hydrologist

Water levels in Yukon are approaching a high-water mark, according to a Yukon government hydrologist.

Yukon candidate dropped by Conservatives will run as an independent

Jonas Smith plans to run as an independent candidate after being turfed by the Conservative Party of Canada less than a week ago. "I think... I can honestly appeal to the people that are just fed up with party politics in general."

Are greenhouse gas emissions going down in Yukon? Not yet, but officials say that will change

Yukon has yet to see its ambitious climate change plans make a dent in greenhouse gas emissions, but officials say that will change — eventually. 

Conservatives drop Yukon candidate, citing opposition to 'public health guidelines'

The Conservative Party of Canada is barring Jonas Smith from running as its Yukon candidate in the upcoming federal election.

Eagle Gold Mine grapples with 17,000-litre chemical solution spill

Cyanide solution spilled from a pipeline at the Eagle Gold Mine, according to a new report by Victoria Gold.
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Report documents 'degrading' treatment of Indigenous women at Yukon and B.C. mines

A new report documenting the experiences of Indigenous women and women of colour at mining camps in Yukon and northern B.C., suggests women are often assigned low-paying, menial jobs at mines because of their gender — and it's those very roles that often compromise their personal safety. 

Victoria Gold wants to double down on hunt for silver and gold in Yukon

Victoria Gold is looking past its flagship mine, which first started pouring gold less than two years ago.