Josh Campbell

Josh Campbell is a CBC reporter in Yellowknife.

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Hay River elder remembered for his music, Chipewyan stories and birch syrup

A well-known Métis elder from Hay River is being fondly remembered as someone who helped keep the Chipewyan language alive.

Changing climate forces mushers to break new trails

The route of the Yukon Quest traverses Lake Laberge for the first time in decades, and that's not the only dog sled race affected by the changing climate.

Music teacher says minister is 'biased' on N.W.T. lottery funding

While N.W.T. legislators await to review the new lotteries bill clause by clause, members of the sports and arts communities of the territory are clawing for more funds.

Minister says lottery money won't go to N.W.T. arts 'at this point'

On Wednesday, athletes and artists wanted to see if the N.W.T. Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs would give lottery funds to the arts.

Petition to fund N.W.T. arts with lottery funds gains traction

Proceeds from scratch and lottery tickets help fund sports programs across the N.W.T. — but not the arts. Eli Purchase wants to change that.

Indomitable Firth sisters grace new Canadian stamp

The N.W.T.'s Sharon and Shirley Firth are on a new Canadian postage stamp celebrating their role in breaking barriers for women in sport.

N.W.T. Métis Nation membership drive underway, members will have say in final land claim

Northwest Territories Métis Nation membership drive underway with more than 3,000 already registered.

Residential school column in News/North draws criticism from N.W.T. elders

In her News/North column Monday, Cece Hodgson McCauley, a former Dene chief, suggests some people lied to cash in on settlement money.

Wild fur prices on the rebound after 2 year slump, says seller

Fur Harvesters Inc. expects the value of some northern furs to increase this year.

2001 death prompted calls for 'dangerous ice' signs on Prosperous Lake, but where are they?

Frank Hope says his sister didn’t have to die in 2001, and he fears the failure to follow up on coroner recommendations made at the time means someone will again die a needless death.