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Jordan Konek is a CBC video journalist in Iqaluit.

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Families raise safety concerns over language barrier for Inuit elders at Ottawa care home

The language barrier between Inuit elders and staff at the senior living home where they're living is raising some major safety concerns, and some families are calling on the Nunavut government to send the elders back North.

Inuk elder recalls the day her family was forced to relocate, nearly 70 years ago

Mary Anowtalik has kept her story out of the public eye until now. She was a young girl when the Canadian government uprooted her life, destroying almost everything her family owned, and moved them to a barren land far from home.

Iqaluit teen with terminal illness can't enjoy public pool — just 1 of city's many accessibility woes

A father of a 17-year-old boy in Iqaluit says his son can't enjoy the city's new aquatic centre because it doesn't have the equipment to support him.

Nunavut voters want to bring their elders home, is anyone listening?

There are no elder care facilities in Rankin Inlet, and voters there want the next government to do something about it.

Nunavut student allegedly punished for speaking Inuktitut, says MLA

MLA David Joanasie says a teacher's rule to punish Grade 8 students who spoke Inuktitut in class was 'totally wrong' and reminiscent of the residential school era.

Researchers study plants in Arviat to create Arctic flora guide

A team of botanists is flying into Arviat this week to study the flora in the region as part of a larger project to create a comprehensive guide to plants in the Canadian Arctic.

Arviat plans for its 1st bowhead whale hunt in recent memory

Hunters in Arviat are excited to be one of five communities in Nunavut selected to harvest a bowhead whale this year.

Saskatchewan Roughriders tackle bullying with Nunavut students

Students in Nunavut got a few lessons on how to tackle bullying from members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders this week.

Unilingual Nunavut elder moves 2,000 km for a long-term care bed

A Nunavut man is wondering what the future holds for his Inuktitut-speaking grandmother who was forced to leave the territory for long-term care that's not available closer to home.