John Last


John Last is a freelance reporter and producer currently based in Padua, Italy. For the past four years, he covered Northern Canada and the Arctic for CBC North. His reporting work has taken him through Europe, the Middle East and the American South.

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Could Amsterdam's days as a cannabis capital be numbered?

Amsterdam’s mayor wants a ban on cannabis sales to tourists amid a wider push to formalize the country’s billion-dollar ‘coffeeshop’ sector. Those in the industry say the famously progressive country is at risk of being left behind.

As Russia expands its war in Ukraine, will the delicate peace in the Balkans be disrupted?

Concern is growing that Russia may use its influence over nationalist leaders to stoke tensions in the Western Balkans region.

How an aging fleet of Canadairs is keeping Europe's wildfires at bay

Amid expanding wildfire seasons made worse by climate change, countries like France are lining up to replace their aging water-bomber fleets after Canadair manufacturer De Havilland announced it would restart production with an updated design. 

The Pope's apology isn't the first from a church. Here's how others have handled reconciliation

The Catholic Church is far from the only Christian denomination to have played a role in the abuse and cultural erasure of Indigenous people. As the Pope makes his historic "penitential pilgrimage" of Canada, other churches may provide some inspiration on how to move forward with reconciliation.

Study identifies gene variant in Inuit causing more severe reactions to infections

A gene variant present in as many as 1 in 1,500 Inuit is connected to potentially fatal infections from viruses, including those in a select few childhood vaccines.

Bunker makers say business is booming — but there's a reason governments left bomb shelters behind

While war rages in Ukraine, interest in bespoke luxury bomb shelters is rising. But history shows why governments gave up on bunkers long ago.

Possibility of conflict looms in Bosnia as Serb leaders threaten secession

Experts say Bosnia-Herzegovina is in the midst of its worst crisis in more than 25 years, after leaders of the country’s Serb ethnic enclave have threatened to effectively secede from the country.

Church of Sweden apologizes, embarks on reconciliation with Indigenous Sámi people

An apology service this week marked a major step forward for reconciliation in Sweden, where the Indigenous Sámi people continue to fight for self-determination and recognition of past wrongs committed by church and state.

This vertical forest tower makes elite green design affordable. But is it actually green?

The Trudo Vertical Forest in the Dutch city of Eindhoven copies the iconic Bosco Verticale in Milan, where apartments go for millions of dollars. But unlike the Bosco, Eindhoven’s tower is filled with public housing.

After devastating European fire season, experts call for new approach to protecting forests

Governments in Europe seem prepared to reverse decades of austerity to tackle ever-worsening blazes, but experts say what the continent needs is not only money but a changed relationship to the land itself.