Hannah Paulson


Hannah Paulson is a reporter from the Northwest Territories. She grew up in Gameti, Yellowknife, and Liidlii Kue.

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Dene Nation looks to a future of Indigenous self-governments as it rebuilds its constitution

After 45 years, the Dene Nation will be releasing a new constitution. It’s expected to tackle outstanding concerns facing Dene peoples and map out the future of the organization.

Fort Simpson, N.W.T., reckons with 'wounds beneath the surface' as burial sites enter public discussion

In Fort Simpson, N.W.T., the former residential school LaPointe Hall has since been torn down, but the community's schools, which overlook an unmarked burial site, stand as a reminder and a skeleton of the past. 

Dehcho residents report fuel contamination, health concerns

Floodwaters brought risk of fuel contamination into Dehcho homes and the soil that surrounds them. Assessors will be on the ground in Fort Simpson, N.W.T., this week, but the mayor says it’s taken too long.

N.W.T. flood victims, coping on their own, still have questions for government

Nearly three weeks after flooding forced some 700 people from their homes, many are still displaced. One person who's home was damaged asks whether Yellowknifers subject to a similar disaster would get the same treatment.

As Dehcho rebuilds, MLAs puzzled by N.W.T. gov't assistance plan

During a public briefing on Tuesday, the N.W.T. government's flood response in the Dehcho was put under a microscope. MLA's questioned the government's flood assistance plan, demanding more details and answers.

Fort Simpson mayor says territory 'needs to step up' as community recovers from flooding

Nearly a week after floodwaters in Fort Simpson, N.W.T., have receded, leaders in the community are asking when they will receive assistance from the territorial government to ensure displaced residents have access to safe housing.

Indigenous leaders see 'golden opportunity' to rebuild after Fort Simpson flood

The historic flooding is an 'opportunity to share how we're going to move forward in a good way, in a new way,' said Líídlįį Kúę First Nation Chief Gerald Antoine.

Water levels rising again in Fort Simpson, reaching highest levels yet

On Thursday, a post to the Village of Fort Simpson Facebook page said the Mackenzie River was moving, and as of Friday morning, water levels were rising again.

Yellowknife outbreak complicates Fort Simpson flood evacuation plans

If Fort Simpson was forced to evacuate, Mayor Sean Whelly says community members would now be set up in Yellowknife's Fieldhouse, rather than in hotels, putting people in the predicament of choosing one danger zone over another.

Elders in Líídlįį Kúę reflect on spring breakup, then and now

Líídlįį Kúę, in Dene Zhatie, means the place where two rivers meet. It has been a place for Dene to gather for millennia. It is also an area prone to flooding, sparking concern about how the community will be impacted by spring break-up, during a year of high water levels.