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Some in Nunavut community question where money from mining company has gone

A company that runs the largest mining operation in Nunavut says it has given tens of millions of dollars in contracts to Inuit firms in the hamlet of Sanirajak, but some residents say they don't know where that money has gone.

'It's really about unity': Iqaluit Muslim community comes together to observe Ramadan

"The mosque is not only a place to pray. It's a place to socialize, to talk to other Muslims," says Abdoul Karim Diakite.

Nunavut's Leo Uttaq remembered as 'one of the best carvers'

Louie Uttaq, 26, shares memories of his father who died of complications from COVID-19 on March 14 in an Edmonton hospital at the age of 57.

Nunavut Legal Aid to intervene at Supreme Court of Canada for first time

Eva Tanche-Green, the Nunavut legal aid lawyer leading the intervention, argues that limits on conditional sentencing interfere with the Inuit approach to justice, which focuses on rehabilitation instead of punishment.

'We took a lot of heat': Emails show how city, Nunavut handled Iqaluit water crisis

Emails between the City of Iqaluit and Nunavut Health department staff show there was a debate over how to respond to the capital's water emergency last year.

'We're all tired': Iqaluit residents unable to drink tap water for nearly 2 months

Iqaluit's lengthy water crisis is putting strain on the city and the people who run it. "We're offering $32 per hour to hand out water, but we've only hired a couple of people," says Mayor Kenny Bell. "We just need more staff."

'There's nowhere to put them': Nunavut community still without a morgue

Gjoa Haven has been using a shed as its morgue for as long as its MLA, Tony Akoak, can remember. The community applied to the territorial to pay for a morgue but was told it missed the deadline.

'They're afraid they won't come back': Petition seeks elder care in Nunavut

A petition to build an elder care home in each of Nunavut's 25 communities has attracted 19,000 signatures. 'There are elders here who don't want to be sent out,' says Aani Uqaitu. 'They're afraid they won't come back.'

'We need help': Nunavut politician wants more mental health supports in his community

Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, has one dedicated mental-health worker, but most diagnoses and treatments need to be done elsewhere. "The options are usually shipping people out, away from home, away from family," says the community's MLA.

Expert tells Nunavut inquest many police tools not effective in cold weather

A police expert testifying at the inquiry into the police shooting of Charles Qirngnirq in 2016 said Wednesday that stun guns and pepper spray don't work in cold weather, and batons don't have the same impact through winter clothing.