Christopher Herodier

Christopher Herodier is Eeyou from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi. Christopher has worked with the CBC North Cree unit since 2013 as a radio host and interviewer. Now based in his home community, he is passionate about sharing stories for radio, web and television.

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'Like a long lost relative': Cree beaded hood returns to Eeyou Istchee from Lachine Museum

In 2019, the Cree Nation Government asked Montreal for the hood to be repatriated because of its cultural significance. 

Caribou harvest in northern Quebec a worry for Cree

The area where the hunt happened is in the far eastern region of Cree territory, in an area where the Innu say they also traditionally hunted. It is territory that is covered by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, signed in 1975, to which the Innu were not signatories. 

From the trapline to a cell phone: Cree elder celebrates 95 years well lived

"When I was growing up, everything we did was based on our Cree culture and ways. We were still nomadic, and the things we needed to survive came from the land," said Martha Tapaitic Pachano. 

COVID-19 vaccination campaign across Cree territory underway

Shipments of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine were delivered safely Saturday across the nine inland and coastal communities of Eeyou Istchee, the traditional name of the Cree territory in northern Quebec. 

Cree mom hunger striking against $4.7 billion development agreement with Quebec

The agreement was called the Cree vision of development and includes a deep sea port, hundreds of kilometres of new railway and road, new power lines and the creation of a network of protected areas, among other projects.

Regional veterinary clinic taking shape for northern Quebec town

Efforts to have a regional veterinary clinic located in the Cree community of Chisasibi have moved into high gear after a mould problem forced the closure of the community's current animal rescue shelter.

New chairperson elected to Cree health board

The Cree health board in northern Quebec has a new person in the top job after an election Tuesday. Bertie Wapachee beat out the incumbent and won a convincing 72 per cent of the ballots cast. 

Buddy system key to Cree couple losing combined total of 97 pounds

Two years ago, Pauline Hester had a health scare that made her and her husband, Charles Hester, realize how fragile life is and inspired them both to start making fundamental changes to their own lives.

Northern Quebec wildlife officials rely on Cree to provide crucial data on wildlife

The information collected from the 'Citizen Scientist' initiative will be used to help identify critical habitats, rare species, invasive species, as well as changes in population and migration of species important to Cree cultural practices.

Canned meat and chicken wings secret to catching crabs in northern Quebec

After years of watching Discovery Channel reality shows such as Cold Water Cowboys and Deadliest Catch, a restaurant owner in northern Quebec trapped some crabs in the waters of James Bay.